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Investor Communications

Successful investor communication presents the company's main messages in an interesting and easily understandable manner. It speaks about the company truthfully, displaying both opportunities and risks. Good investor communication serves the media, investors and analysts. It also acts as active and continuous management of investor relations.

Investor communication with a long experience

Investors are attracted to stories and promises for the future. The stories are not powerful on their own, however, but require backing up by numbers and facts. The Repo Media team is experienced in both incredible investment stories and rigorous number analysis. 

Effective and modern communication

In order to attract the interest of the investors, communication needs to be effective. Numbers and the core of the investment story need to be easily accessible. Communication methods can include traditional media, social media, podcasts and videos.

From listed companies to growth companies

Investor relations and communications for publicly listed companies are regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority, Helsinki Stock Exchange guidelines and the Corporate Governance 2020 recommendations. Growth companies looking to raise capital should also follow similar guidelines.

Tools for media visibility and communications

Only sending messages and signals does not lead to media visibility. To cross the threshold of interest, it is important to consider which medium to use, what to say and who are the target audience. Investor communication is simple, but not easy.


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