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Company Analysis and Research

Repo Media investigates investment phenomena and opportunities. With extended experience we can help publicly listed companies, investors and growth companies meet the investors.


Investor Communications

We provide investor communications to publicly listed companies as well as growth companies with a wide network of investors. We sum up the core message and carry it to small and institutional investors.

The value of both public and unlisted companies is defined by the price investors are willing to pay for its shares.


We produce information about companies for the investors' needs. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses and research the market.

We have a long experience in valuation and company analyses. 

Utilizing cash flow models enables the analysis of both early stage and more mature companies. 


We publish information of individual companies as well as industries. Furthermore, we continuously analyze the market and its current phenomena. Our annually published report on crowdfunding is available on our website.

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Read our latest publication

Repo Media publishes reports in order to serve the investors' needs. The reports cover individual companies, current phenomena and the market as a whole. Read more on our Publications-page.

Our Team


Frank Sjöblom

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